Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good neighbours ROCK!

We have really nice neighbours on one side (new neighbours moved in on the other side just last week so don't really know them yet). They are friendly but quiet, have very nice quiet older children and have been very helpful sharing things about the neighbourhood that are very useful for a family new to the area such as ours. On the weekend G (my husband) was chatting with them and out of the blue the lady mentioned that she HS all her kids. I am not sure to what age because the younger 2 are in High School now. Anyway, I spoke to her this morning as I was racing to get T1 to school and asked if we could chat about her experience and she was thrilled and I can quite imagine her right now planning what she will tell me about and gathering a list of resources etc. I can't wait to chat with her about it.

There is also a large HS group in our area so I hope to become involved in that and get to know more people educating their children at home.

The library surely must need me on speed dial right now - I have so many books on order through inter-library loan and they are all HS/Education based. I wonder how long before the librarian mentions that she's noticed a theme!!

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