Friday, April 9, 2010

Becoming clearer

My mind is consumed with education. It is almost at the point of driving me crazy because I have a decision hanging over me that I (we) need to make. I think I am close to knowing what I will do. At this point I think the best thing for T1 is to take him out of the public school system at the end of this grade and have him learn at home but I think that T2 may do better in the school system at this time although I am not thrilled with the teacher she will most likely have in September. T2 thrives in the classroom environment so I think I will let her return to school after the summer break but supplement her education even more than I usually would by having her work on things between 10-12 each day which is when I plan for Tobin to do his table work. In the afternoon when she is at school T1 and I can work on some other things and read and talk without distraction. This allows T2 the time to surround herself with people but with additional semi-formal learning at home as well as the casual learning she already does at home without realizing.

When T2 enters full time school for G1 we will rethink because part of my plan is to allow T1 to go to bed later and wake up later which is his natural body rhythm right now. Although he doesn't sleep late, 8-8:30 wake up time suits him more than 7:30 wake up which is very hard on him because he finds it so hard to fall asleep at night.

Of course this may all change tomorrow but that is where my head is at right now

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